How the Design Process Works

Initial site visit:
One of our designers will visit the site and discuss your garden requirements and budget in detail.
Measurements will be taken at this initial stage. If a more detailed site and level survey is required then this will
be undertaken on another date. If no design is required a free estimate will be produced, based on the discussions.

Design package:
The design package is tailored to each client’s individual needs and can be as simple or as detailed as
required. There is a charge for the design package, which depends on the size of the garden and
complexity of the package. If we are contracted to undertake the work the design fee will be refunded.

Planting plan:
Individual planting plans can be produced positioning and listing shrubs and trees with quantity
and pot size. There is a fee for this service.

All clients will receive an estimate in which each individual component of the design is priced.
Clients also receive a copy of our standard contract containing our terms and conditions. This can also be found on the website.

After Care:
All clients receive an ‘after care’ leaflet outlining how best to look after your garden after completion of the project.